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Prices shown are MSRP. Dealers may sell for less. Marine & Industrial Dealers should contact sales@rigbytechnologies for a Trade Pricing login.
Prices shown are MSRP. Dealers may sell for less. Marine & Industrial Dealers should contact sales@rigbytechnologies for a Trade Pricing login.

Product Warranty


Limited Warranty


Rigby Technologies Corporation (“Rigby”) manufacturers quality braided ropes using high quality raw materials that are first grade.  No 'job lots' or 'seconds' are used. Rigby conducts extensive Quality Assurance including a quality control checkpoint where all rope is inspected by hand.


What is covered

Rigby designs and manufactures, in its own facility in Canada, 100% of the rope on its website,  This includes yarn plying, yarn twisting, winding, braiding, coiling, and splicing, as applicable.  Close attention is paid to quality at every stage.


Rigby guarantees its products substantially conform to the published specifications at the time of sale, and warrants them to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal and reasonable operating conditions, for the Warranty Term as defined below. 


No other warranties or representations, express or implied, other than contained herein shall apply or be honored by Rigby.  Should any quantity prove to be defective, Rigby's liability and/or obligation shall be limited to replacement of such quantity, subject to inspection at Rigby of the rope in question.


Who is Covered

The “End User” holds this Standard Warranty. The End User is the first party to purchase the new and unused product from an authorized Rigby stockist, dealer, or reseller. This Standard Warranty is not transferable to other parties.


What is not covered

RIGBY makes no implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and all implied warranties are hereby specifically disclaimed.  The warranty as stated in this document is the entire warranty.  This Warranty specifically excludes:

  • Products that are not purchased by the End User from an authorized reseller
  • Products that have been used other than according to the instructions (CI1401-19)
  • Products that have not been installed and or/maintained as per the instructions
  • Products that have been damaged
  • Products that have been modified
  • Products and services that are not provided by Rigby, including installation, splicing, and rigging.
  • Variations in surface materials (e.g. twist, color variation, and minor texture irregularities that do not in the opinion of Rigby compromise the rope


Warranty Term

100% Polyester products: 3 years.  100% Nylon products: 3 years.  100% MFP products: 180 days.  Polyester/HMWPE products: 2 years.  MFP/HMWPE products: 180 days.  Other products: 180 days.


How to make a Warranty Claim

While the product is still installed, contact Rigby Customer Service at 1-877-733-7646 to open a case and to have your claim evaluated.  Product may only be returned for inspected when a written Return Authorization has been issued by Rigby.  Shipments arriving without a valid RA will not be deemed accepted.


Warranty Point

This warranty is a “Return to Factory” or “RTF” Warranty. To exercise this warranty, the product must be shipped to Rigby, DDP Vaughan, ON (INCOTERMS 2020) with prior authorization from Rigby.


Processing of a Warranty Claim

Your product will be evaluated within a reasonable period of time and at the sole option of Rigby and if the claim is approved by Rigby it will be repaired, or replaced with new product. In the event that the model has been discontinued and warranty stocks have been depleted, Rigby, may, at its sole option, replace the Product with a different model with comparable or better performance characteristics. At the sole option of Rigby, if repair or replacement is not practicable, Rigby will provide a refund or a credit for the affected product.